Marathon and Half Marathon Results From the First Running to the Present

Houston Marathon Legacy Program

The Houston Marathon Legacy Program is a group of runners that have completed the Houston Marathon within the time limit at least 10 times. There is no fee to join and runners are automatically added to the Legacy Program list after their 10th finish.

Please note: if you have not run under the same name in every event, your finish times may need to be consolidated manually. For questions, please email

The legacy group is involved in the following activities each year:

  • Legacy booth at the expo - An informational booth about legacy program activities and running in general.
  • Pace Team - Several legacy runners volunteer as pacers for varying goal times in the marathon.
  • Pre-race Photo - Located in the GRB Hall C

Each year the legacy program activity coordinators need volunteers for pace team runners, booth workers, and other duties. Please check this page throughout the year for information on how you can be involved.

Active Legacy Runner Counts

Active Leaders

  Name # Age
1 Rick McMahan 41 64
2 Arlen Isham 38 73
3 Stephen McNeil 36 60
4 Robert Eury 35 69
5 Roger Boak 35 69
6 Maria Camacho 35 62
7 Manuel Gonzalez 34 72
8 Rudolph Rendon 34 70
9 Susan Rouse 33 59
10 Will Hrachovy 33 69
Full Legacy Runner List

Legacy Runner Perks

The legacy runner perks are maintained on the official Houston Marathon website.